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URGENT UPDATE! Eisenhower does NOT have power as of now. Tonight's show 3/17 postponed & rescheduled for Tuesday 3/21.

The Saturday, Sunday & Monday show scheduled as planned.

It is time that we break down the walls…

     …and come together. 

The Wesner Tuxedo 2023 Senior Variety Show is about bringing different groups and schools together.  Our goal is to set these seniors in an environment in which they are interacting with seniors from other schools.  The show focuses on the leaders of this year’s senior class.  We feel that we have chosen some of the top representatives from each of our area high schools to participate.  This is a great learning experience as the students from different schools come together without the boundaries of what school they go to.  They realize no matter what varsity jacket they wear, what team they cheer for, or what door they enter every morning, they are all the same and can learn from each others’ experiences.  No matter how popular they are or how good they are at something, what makes them true leaders is that they are never too good to learn from others.

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