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Sterling Heights  48313

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I cannot give out refunds without this form returned to us by July 15 in order to receive a refund

It is time that we break down the walls…

     …and come together. 

The Wesner Tuxedo 2020 Senior Variety Show is about bringing different groups and schools together.  Our goal is to set these seniors in an environment in which they are interacting with seniors from other schools.  The show focuses on the leaders of this year’s senior class.  We feel that we have chosen some of the top representatives from each of our area high schools to participate.  This is a great learning experience as the students from different schools come together without the boundaries of what school they go to.  They realize no matter what varsity jacket they wear, what team they cheer for, or what door they enter every morning, they are all the same and can learn from each others’ experiences.  No matter how popular they are or how good they are at something, what makes them true leaders is that they are never too good to learn from others.
We will be reopening the tuxedo shop starting June 15th and as you all know you took home 
pants, shirt, and shoes that you tried at show check in.
Monday – Friday 10-6 Saturday 10-5 Sunday Closed

You don’t have to be the one who returns it, a parent can return, it or you can give it to a friend to bring back. I just need to get everything back so I can start cleaning it all.

Now that things are starting to reopen and we are all trying to get back to some normal ways of life, first I want you to know that I’m still hoping that I get to honor you for everything you all did to make your school a better place to be. With that said, I need to put into place a plan to how we are going to go forward in both scenarios. If we get the opportunity to have the show, it will be done on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night show. I am looking at the week of August 10 as our last chance to do it, with some of you starting to head off to college at that point. I have decided not to do tuxedos and dresses if we are able to do the show. You would wear your graduation gown instead.

I am starting the process of returning the money for the tickets that have been purchased for the show. If we get to do a show, we will do tickets sales at the door. It is not as easy as just sending you out a check. I have to go through a process to ensure that the money gets in the hands of the person that purchased them from us and I must make sure I have a way to track all returned money. In order to do this, I will need your parents to fill out a form and return it back to us so I can send a check to them. I have put the form on the website that they can just print off and email it to dan@wesnertuxedo.com or send via US Mail. I have also attached it to this message.

Please understand this does not mean I'm giving up on doing a show. Having the show is a big deal to me and very important for me to try and do. I just need to put in place a process in case they won’t let us do it. 

Mr. Wesner